Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Magic of Your Cats Purr

Cats use different methods to communicate their moods.  Scratching not only maintains claw health, it also communicates conflicted feelings and marks their territory.  Whiskers help your cat navigate through small openings, feel the wind direction and broadcast their mood.  Well, your cats purr is an excellent survival mechanism and can communicate many things.  Let’s look at how magical your cats purr can be.

Purring helps newborn kittens to survive.  Kittens are born deaf and blind.  Their mother’s purring vibrations draw them back to her warmth and their food.  A mother cat will purr while giving birth.  This helps release endorphins that reduce the pain of birthing.

A cat’s purr can heal and ease pain.  It can help sooth anxieties and ease a bad mood.  Studies have shown that simply owning a cat is good for your heart.  Research has proven that people who don’t own a cat are 40% more likely to suffer from a heart attack than cat owners.  The cat’s ability to heal your stress is the reason why.

For many years, scientists have known that vibrations at specific frequencies cause healing changes in our bodies.  Such vibrations can induce bone regeneration.  Evidence suggests that muscle, tendon and ligament repair can result from these frequency ranges.  The average house cat has a frequency range in the 25 to 50 Hertz range.  Research shows exposure to this frequency range helps with increased bone density, heals tendons and muscles and relieves pain.

People find the cat’s healing by association an interesting concept.  Studies show that people who own cats have lower blood pressure and can even live longer.  Who could have guessed all the ways your cat’s purr can help keep you healthy. 

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