Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Siberian

The Siberian is truly a magnificent looking feline.  With their triple layer coat, they make you just want to hug them.  Their temperament is very mellow and they love to follow you around.  A Siberian wants to help with whatever you are doing just to spend time with you.  They have amazing jumping abilities so can be found on the tallest spots in you home.  This beautiful cat does require some grooming as they shed heavily during the spring and fall.  Maintaining their coats can be work but their gorgeous coat is worth the upkeep.  Siberians are very playful and love to play fetch.  Be careful what you leave out as anything is fair game when they want to play.  Similar to the Maine Coon, this is a large cat and can average around 20 pounds.  They like to be in charge when it comes to other animals but get along well in multiple pet households.  All in all they make a great family pet.  Look at the magnificent Siberian when searching for your next pet.

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