Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tiny Kittens

Kittens are all little when they are born.  But if you haven't seen any from the miniature or dwarf breeds, you can find it hard to believe just how tiny these kittens truly are.  This picture really gives a great example of their tiny size.  There are several breeds to choose from if you are looking for one of these little kitties.

  1. Singapura - considered the smallest weighing 5-8 pounds when full grown
  2. Munchkin - has short legs and weighs 5-9 pounds when full grown
  3. Cornish Rex - has a feather like wavy undercoat instead of 2-3 layers of hair and weighs 6-10 pounds when full grown
  4. Devon Rex - considered the most intelligent breed with a waxy coat and big ears and weighs 5-10 pounds when full grown
  5. American Curl - has an outward curl on the tips of its ears which are very delicate and weighs 5-10 pounds when full grown
As you can see, these cats are quite a bit smaller than the average cat.  No matter their size, they make great family pets and have lots of energy to play.  If you are looking for a smaller cat, one of these breeds may be a good option. Check with a local breeder for availability of the breed you want.

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