Friday, February 10, 2017

Scottish Fold Kittens

I was reading about several breeds of cats recently. The Scottish Fold was among them.  These cats have ears that fold forward instead of sticking up.  This is caused by a mutation in their cartilage gene.  While searching them, I found this adorable picture of a Scottish Fold kitten.  You can tell that the ears are close to their head giving them a very round appearance.  With their large wide space eyes and short noses, who wouldn't fall in love with them.  All of the kittens in a litter are born with straight ears but at 3 to 4 weeks the ears will "fold" over.  These cats are not very vocal but adore human companionship.  They are hardy cats and easily adapt to any home environment. Providing stimulating play activities such as a cat tree will help keep them healthy.  If you have the opportunity to see a Scottish Fold, enjoy the uniqueness of these beautiful cats.

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