Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lets Talk About Cat Food

I have been reading a lot about cat food lately.  If canned food is better than dry food and all about the contents.  Boy! was this a major eye opener.  The assumption has been if the label says it's good it is. Well I found out, that's not always the case.  Many canned foods are good but not all.  Dry food is a good addition to canned food but shouldn't be the only source of food provided.  Some list chicken, beef or fish as a main ingredient but only include it as "formula" or "dinner" which is really a smaller portion of the actual concentration.  Also, many add additional carbohydrates that aren't good for your cat.  So the main lesson learned is look for high protein cat food with chicken, beef or fish meal listed.  Added vitamins and minerals are great too.  Omega-3 fatty acids and Taurine are major pluses in your cats diet.  So moving forward, reading labels is key to getting the right foods for my cat. Remember, shop for high quality foods and give a combination of wet and dry foods for the optimal health of your cat.

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